Critical Notice 10.14.2021 - Planned Maintenance

Arcadia Gas Storage (AGS) has planned maintenance Tuesday October 19, 2021 thru Wednesday October 20, 2021. During this time AGS may experience reduced Injection or Withdrawal capability. AGS shall exercise due diligence to perform this maintenance to minimize disruptions of service to our customers. For additional information please reach out to the contacts listed below.

Non-Critical Notice 3.01.2021 - Address Change

Cardinal Gas Storage would like to notify its customers of a new physical address effective 3/1/2021.

One Riverway, Suite 710

Houston, TX 77056

Non-Critical Notice 3.17.2020

Cardinal Gas Storage (“Cardinal”) along with its affiliates, Arcadia Gas Storage, Cadeville Gas Storage, Monroe Gas Storage, and Perryville Gas Storage, continue to diligently monitor the news and follow the government’s guidance related to COVID-19. We greatly appreciate the business each and every customer brings to our team and want to continue providing unrivaled natural gas storage services to you. We have maintained operations under our business continuity procedures while taking all the necessary precautions to protect the Cardinal team members in the workplace so that our customers experience top notch service. As a reminder, we have included the appropriate contact information for the Cardinal commercial team as shown below.


24 Hour Gas Control

(318) 263-2279

Cory Crofton

Director of Asset Optimization

Office: (713) 350-2516

Cell: (713) 962-4068


Kobie Jones

Senior Marketing Rep

Office: (713) 350-2507

Cell: (979) 324-9166


Tom Schatzman

Business Service Coordinator

Office: (713) 350-2501

Cell: (713) 962-6483