KPC Pipeline, LLC (“KPC”) owns and operates a 1,120 mile interstate gas pipeline which transports natural gas from Oklahoma and Kansas to metropolitan Wichita, Kansas City and interconnecting pipeline markets. The KPC system includes three compressor stations with a total of 14,680 horsepower and has a capacity of approximately 160 MMcf/day. KPC has bidirectional interconnections with Enogex and Panhandle Eastern as well as supply interconnects with ANR Pipeline, Kansas Gas Services Transportation System. In addition, KPC can both receive gas from and deliver gas to Panhandle Eastern in its production and market zones. KPC is capable of distributing Anadarko and Arkoma basin gas into the Midwest and throughout Kansas, as well as accessing Oklahoma markets via Enogex. KPC is one of just a few pipelines that can facilitate north/south gas deliveries between various supply and market regions in the U.S.

As of October 25, 2012, the name of PostRock KPC Pipeline, LLC was changed to KPC Pipeline, LLC. The attached tariff filing was submitted to FERC on November 19, 2012, to reflect the change in name. Download Now

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