TSP Name: Leaf River Energy Center
TSP: 806804410
Transactional Reporting - Detail
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General Information
Transportation Service Provider Name Leaf River Energy Center
Transportation Service Provider 806804410
Posting Type Firm
Amendment Reporting Description All Data
Contract Status Description Amended
Contract Holder Name Macquarie Energy
Contract Holder 798846036
Affiliate Indicator Description None
Posting Date June 19, 2012
Posting Time 10:26 AM
Market-Based Rate Indicator Yes
Contract Information
Service Requester Contract MACQ00086P
Contract Begin Date June 16, 2012
Contract End Date June 19, 2012
Contract Entitlement Begin Date June 16, 2012
Contract Entitlement Begin Time 09:00 AM
Contract Entitlement End Date June 20, 2012
Contract Entitlement End Time 09:00 AM
Seasonal Start Date
Seasonal End Date
Rate Form/Type Code Description Blended rate (combination of reservation and volumetric charges)
Reservation Rate Basis Description Per month
Contractual Quantity - Contract 1,000,000
Location/Quantity Type Indicator Description Storage quantity
Rate Schedule FP
Rate Reporting Level Description Contract
Surcharge Indicator Description Rate(s) stated include all applicable surcharges; no surcharge detail or surcharge total provided
Total Surcharges
Negotiated Rate Indicator Description No
Rate Identification Code Description Injection
Rate Charged Reference Description Tariff
Rate Charged 0
Maximum Tariff Rate 0
Maximum Tariff Rate Reference Description Tariff
Discount Begin Date June 18, 2012
Discount End Date June 18, 2012
Surcharge Identification Code Description
Location 1
Location Name Midct Express
Location 45015
Location Purpose Description Receipt Location
Location Zone
Contractual Quantity - Location 20,000
Special Terms & Miscellaneous Notes