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Portland Natural Gas Transmission System   Original Sheet No. 206 : Effective
FERC Gas Tariff
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

                               RATE SCHEDULE IT
       This Rate Schedule IT is available for service by Transporter to any
  Shipper, where:
            (a)  Shipper has made a valid request, as defined in Section 3 of
  the General Terms and Conditions;
            (b)  Shipper has met Transporters financial creditworthiness
  criteria as set forth in Section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions;
            (c)  Shipper and Transporter have entered into a Gas
Transportation Contract for Interruptible Transportation Service under this
Rate Schedule;
            (d)  Transporter has capacity available to render the service
  pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions;
            (e)  all necessary contracts have been or will be entered into by
or on behalf of Shipper for the acquisition of Gas, for the delivery of such
Gas to Transporter at one or more Receipt Points on the System, and/or the
further transportation of Gas from one or more Delivery Points on the System,
as applicable; and
            (f)  all necessary regulatory and governmental approvals to
purchase and sell, transport and, if appropriate, export and/or import the Gas
to be transported by Transporter have been obtained.
This Rate Schedule shall apply to all interruptible service pursuant to a
bilaterally executed Gas Transportation Contract for service under this Rate
Schedule, whether rendered by forwardhaul or by displacement, exchange or
backhaul.  Service rendered under this Rate Schedule is subject to curtailment
or interruption as Transporter deems necessary.

Issued by: David J.Haag, Rates And Tariff Specialist
Issue date: 07/28/06 Effective date: 09/01/06