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Portland Natural Gas Transmission System   Original Sheet No. 210 : Effective
FERC Gas Tariff
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

      2.2   Park and Loan Service available under this Rate Schedule includes:
            (a)   Parking Service. Parking service shall consist of (i)
Transporters receipt of a Parked Quantity of gas from Shipper at the
Parking Point specified in Shippers nomination, (ii) Transporter holding
such Parked Quantities on Transporters system, and (iii) Transporters
subsequent return of the Parked Quantity to Shipper, or for Shippers
account, at the Parking Point.
            (b)   Loan Service. Loan Service shall consist of (i)
Transporters advancement of Loaned Quantity of gas to Shipper (up to the
Maximum Loaned Quantity specified in Shippers Park and Loan Service Contract,
at the point(s) specified in Shippers nomination); and (ii) Shippers
subsequent return of the Loaned Quantity and Transporters acceptance of such
quantity for Shippers account at the Loan Point.
      2.3   Subject to the availability of capacity, any Receipt or Delivery
Point on Transporters system may be nominated as a Parking Point or Loan
      3.1   Transporter shall establish an account for each Shipper using this
service which reflects the Parked Quantity at each Parking Point and the Loan
Quantity at each Loan Point. Whenever Transporter receives Parked Quantity
from or delivers Loaned Quantity to a Shipper the quantities received or
delivered will be reflected in the Shippers account, as appropriate, for the
Parking or Loan Point at which they were received or delivered. When a Parked
Quantity or Loaned Quantity is returned, Transporter will credit the Shippers
account to reflect the transaction.
      3.2   Transporter shall return Parked Quantity and accept return of
Loaned Quantity only at the Parking Point where Shipper parked the Parked
Quantity, or the Loan Point where Transporter advanced the Loaned Quantity to
      3.3   In the event that Shipper wishes to move a Parked Quantity or
Loaned Quantity from one Parking or Loan Point to another Parking or Loan
Point on Transporters system, Shipper shall be responsible for arranging such
transportation in accordance with the provisions of Rate Schedule FT or IT and
the General Terms and Conditions.
      3.4   Shippers may assign between themselves Parked Quantity and Loaned
Quantity in accordance with the provisions of the Park and Loan Service
Contract, provided that (i) the Shipper obtaining such quantities complies
with the Tariff, and (ii) each Shipper submits the appropriate nomination to
Transporter in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 of this Tariff.
Transporter will assess all applicable transportation charges for such

Issued by: David J.Haag, Rates And Tariff Specialist
Issue date: 07/28/06 Effective date: 09/01/06