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Portland Natural Gas Transmission System   First Revised Sheet No. 2 : Effective
FERC Gas Tariff Supercedes Original Sheet No. 2
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Pro Forma Contracts - Table of Contents                              500
Firm Transportation Service                                          501
Interruptible Service                                                513
Master Capacity Release Agreement                                    522
Master Gas Transportation Contract with Replacement Shipper          528
Operational Balancing Agreement                                      540
Park and Loan Service Contract                                       546
Request for Service                                                  552
FT-Flex Limited Firm Transportation Service                          560
Hourly Reserve Service                                               571 
Negotiated Rates                                                     650

List of Non-Conforming Service Agreements                            651

Issued by: David J.Haag, Rates And Tariff Specialist
Issue date: 05/21/10 Effective date: 07/01/10